Action needed on Anti-Social Behaviour

Residents left concerned and in fear following Prom Scenes.

As the weather has improved and we all welcome the slow lifting of lockdown restrictions, anti-social behaviour is on the rise and some scenes have left residents concerned.

Following a large brawl on the prom Sam Bennett and your local Liberal Democrat Focus Team have written to South Wales Police asking what action is being taken to avoid these scenes recurring so residents can feel safe in their homes.

Commenting, Sam Bennett said: "The scenes from the weekend on the prom were shocking and a concern for many residents I have spoken to. We should be able to welcome people down to the Marina and promote the amazing small businesses we have down here but residents shouldn't be left in fear when large groups congregate.

"The Marina has a dispersal order and this needs to be better implemented. Over a number of weeks there has been talk of police presence at car parks near Gower beaches, which is welcome but the same level of diligence is clearly needed in the Marina too.”

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