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Further information:

A. What is a council candidate? B. Why should I put myself forward to be a candidate? C. What is involved in being a Lib Dem councillor?
D. How to apply to be a candidate  E. How we select council candidates 

A. What is a council candidate?

There are 2 steps to being a Swansea & Gower Liberal Democrat Candidate.
1. Approval - this is to check that you have the qualities and values required to be a candidate
2. Selection - this is the selection of candidates for a particular ward
These are covered in sections 'D' and 'E' below. 

We are looking for people to come forward to stand in the Swansea Council elections that will take place in May 2022. 

B. Why should I put myself forward to be a candidate?

  1. Give as many people right across Swansea the chance to vote Liberal Democrat. 

As a political party, we hold a core set of values, we should seek to give as many people as possible to chance to positively vote for those values. People get sick and tired of the same choice at election time, we should be there with a name on the ballot to give those people who share our values the opportunity to show their support. 

2. It raises our profile and the profile of the issues we want to talk about.

We have a strong message for the future of Swansea, our local Liberal Democrat campaigners work hard for our communities for the benefit of the community and focus on getting the basics right. 

As a party of campaigners, we are not short on great ideas, the council election is our chance to make our mark on what we want to see the future of Swansea to be. 

  3. It is part of a story of success, together as a team we can make a difference.

Every one of our candidates is part of the team. Even if you are only a name on the ballot paper you are helping us get a great result on election night.  

Standing in a ward means other parties have to campaign for votes (something they don't expect to have to do). Standing in as many wards as possible show that Swansea & Gower Liberal Democrats are a credible local force. This credibility helps us get those candidates with a chance of winning across the line.  

C. Being a Lib Dem councillor

The local party is here to support candidates and hopefully, we can get candidates across the winning line and to become councillors. All the councillors that are elected will form a Group on Swansea Council, a group of councillors can get more done by supporting each other than individual councillors can.

Councillors have a variety of roles and specialisms but the most important thing is to be a champion for your community and for your constituents. You can find out more about being a councillor here:

D. How to apply to be a candidate 

The first stage of becoming a candidate is an approval which involves filling out a short form and then meeting with a panel of local Lib Dem members. This is a friendly chat and not designed to be intimidating or for people to 'fail' - we just want to be sure that you share Lib Dem values and are willing to work as part of a team. 

To apply for approval, please download an application form and return to Matt Palmer ([email protected]). Please include:

You will be sent a receipt of application - if you have not received such a receipt within 72 hours then please call Matt on 07891 661125.

E. How we select council candidates 

The second stage of becoming a council candidate is finding a ward to stand-in. As part of the approval process, we will find out more about what type of ward you would wish to stand-in. For the proposes of the election the local party split wards into target, development, and non-target wards. 

The local party will open selections for each ward, at some point in advance of the elections (So keep your eye on email from us or post on the members' Facebook Group) 

You will be asked to fill in a form confirming the ward you wish to stand in.

The local party RO (Matthew Palmer) will guide you through the rest of the process.  

Once selected for a seat you will normally be expected to campaign actively - expectations differ significantly depending on the type of ward (target, development, or non-target)


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