Lib Dem council group leader condemns government U-turn on chlorinated chicken

The Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Group on Swansea Council, Chris Holley, has raised concerns about the lowering of food standards after Brexit, following claims that the government have abandoned their promise to block substandard American imports.


In recent days it has been reported that, under pressure from American negotiators in post-Brexit trade talks, Boris Johnson has u-turned on a government pledge to keep US chlorinated chicken out of British supermarkets

In addition, Ministers are said to be open to giving access to controversial US food products, that also include hormone-fed beef and crops treated with 82 different pesticides banned in the EU, as well as abandoning country-of-origin labelling, thus making it impossible for consumers to tell whether a product has been sourced from the US or not.

'Warnings by those opposed to Brexit that we would become a satellite state of Donald Trump's America, appear to be coming true,' Councillor Holley said. 'It appears that the UK government will do anything to secure a trade deal with the USA, including putting us at risk through lower food standards.

'The Prime Minister's promise that there would be no customs barrier in the Irish sea has also been dropped, while talks with the EU are faltering due to the UK trying to wriggle out of commitments they made in writing in the original withdrawal agreement. There is also talk of parts of the NHS being up for sale to US companies.

'This is unacceptable. The interests of the British people must come first in all of these negotiations. Why is that not happening?'

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