Clyne Valley Paths Update: Petition Rejected

The Sketty Lib Dems are listening even if Labour won't. We submitted the petition signed by over 650 people which was rejected initially and then again on appeal. We believe that this is a shocking response. The Labour controlled cabinet has effectively dismissed the views of hundreds of residents and users of the Valley.

**URGENT UPDATE 6/3/2021** Work to commence in Olchfa Lane on Monday 8th March. Councillors Cheryl Philpott and Mike Day were informed on 4 March that the work on creating the Olchfa Link Shared Use Path (SUP) in Clyne Valley will begin on Monday. Work will begin in Olchfa Lane. Letters have been sent to residents in Olchfa Lane. Cllr. Mike Day said, ‘I am sorry that the Council are proceeding with the scheme when there still remain a number of concerns about safety and environmental issues. Officers have said that changes have been made but we are yet to see what they are.’ Cllr. Cheryl Philpott added, ‘If proper communication had been undertaken in the first place, a lot of time, effort and anxiety would have been avoided. We want to see the Valley being accessed by more people but also protected for future generations.’
We will keep you informed as we receive communication about future developments.

The Council’s Scrutiny Programme Committee examined whether the consultation arrangements employed for the Active Travel Schemes were adequate. There were examples given for a number of schemes and clearly communication with stakeholders and users fell short. As your Liberal Democrat councillors, Cheryl Philpott and Mike Day attended. Mike's intervention and the Labour cabinet member's response is in a video on our Facebook Page.

Thanks to the many residents & the Clyne Woodland Group. Your efforts have helped to draw attention to the lack of consultation and enabled us to put the concerns before the Labour administration. Don't forget to check out the Clyne Woodland Group's Facebook Page.

But some progress has been made - we will keep taking signatures on the petition as this publicly shows the concerns of residents & helps us to keep you informed:

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Communication: The Lib Dems believe in transparency, and this consultation managed to contact just two local residents - an officer of the Welsh Government has said that she has reminded Swansea Council of the need to improve its consultation arrangements for these Schemes.

Olchfa Links / Clyne Valley Success: Your representatives, backed by the petition with over 650 signatures, have been pushing for an Environmental Impact Assessment and more clear safety measures for all users, cyclists, young children, dog walkers, horse riders and casual ramblers through the Valley. A small success - an Environmental Survey has been commissioned - with recommendations: for example a stone base would be more natural and less harmful than the bitumen-like surface being laid elsewhere. If the Council had engaged with residents and users earlier, we would have avoided the need for time consuming correspondence and hassle. We understand work will begin shortly.

Sketty Park Links: Work on the Sketty Park Links continues and the Path between New Mill Road and Gabalfa Road is complete (pictured above during the build). Residents have told us that they hope that the same tarmac surface used on that footpath will not be used for Clyne Valley paths. Your Lib Dem councillors have passed on concerns from elderly residents and young children at Parkland Primary - the new path passes right by the school and residential accommodation on Parkway.


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