Disappointment and concern over plans for Covid ID cards.

Local Lib Dems calls Welsh Labour plans for ID Cards a "Step too far".  Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Swansea West Mike O'Carroll has written to South Wales Evening Post expressing disappointment and concern over the First Minsters, Mark Drakeford and the Welsh Labour Government announcement of a plan to introduce Covid ID cards.

The letter comes on the day that Welsh Labour cancel their parties conference because of the COVID risk, highlight that COVID cards are unworkable at providing event organisers and venue providers with the confidence they need.

Mike O'Carroll writes: 

"I am disappointed and concerned that Mark Drakeford and the Welsh Labour Government have announced a plan to introduce Covid ID cards. 

Of course, I encourage everyone to get the vaccine, which is safe, effective, and a vital part of the fight against Covid.

However, Covid ID cards are a perfect example of government overreach. People going to events such as rugby and football matches will have to share their private medical data with complete strangers.

This sets a very dangerous precedent. What other medical data will we be asked to share in future for access to amenities? How might this affect people with disabilities or chronic illnesses? We already know that Covid ID cards will disproportionately impact harder to reach communities like young people and BAME communities.

I and the Welsh Liberal Democrats will continue to fight against simplistic, authoritarian measures such as Covid ID cards. I urge others to join us in fighting government overreach and protecting civil liberties."

The Welsh Liberal Democrats believe that COVID cards are an illiberal and unworkable scheme, and have called on the Welsh Government to scrap their plans. 


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