Data Manager

We are seeking to build our campaign team for the 2021 Senedd and 2022 local elections. 

Data Manager is a vital role, managing our databases of voter and volunteer data, and reporting key indicators back to the Campaigns Committee


  1. To manage to voter and volunteer databases for the Local Party, using the Liberal Democrats’ Connect software
  2. To manage the inputting and uploading of data including canvass data, electoral register data etc. 
  3. To produce reports for the Campaigns Committee, presenting key contact and canvass data in target wards
  4. To ensure compliance with GDPR and other data protection legislation



To support you in our efforts to have a winning campaign for 2021 & 2022 the Local Party Executive and/or Campaigns Chair will 

  1. Provide full training on the Lib Dem Connect software (database) system
  2. Provide training on GDPR and data protection
  3. Recruit assistance for data entry tasks where required  




All our Campaign team are volunteers and we recognise that your availability will vary. The Data Manager role loosely requires:

  1. Circa. 9-10 hours per month, managing the database, running uploads, and running/preparing reports. Some increase at election times. 
  2. Able to attend at least some Campaigns Committee meetings via video - currently held every other Friday (7pm-9pm).
  3. Availability on Polling Day - when our data is crucial for directing voter turnout efforts 


Apply Here

If you have any queries about the role please contact Mike O’Carroll.

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