Lib Dems fight PM's plan to silence Parliament

Following the Prime Minister's suspension of Parliament to silence MPs wanting to avert a disastrous No Deal Brexit, Swansea Liberal Democrat councillors have tabled an emergency motion condeming this decision.

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson said: "By suspending Parliament to force through a No Deal, Boris Johnson and the Government would remove the voice of the people at the most important time. It is a dangerous and unacceptable course of action which the Liberal Democrats will strongly oppose."

Swansea West candidate Mike O'Carroll added: "This is a cowardly and calculated attempt to force through a No Deal Brexit, which was not on the ballot in 2016. Brexit will have a devestating effect on our communities in Swansea and it is appalling that our voice in Parliament has been silenced at this crucial time."

The motion tabled by Swansea Liberal Democrat councillors reads:

We call on the Leader of Council to write to the Prime Minster and the Secretary of State for Wales, outlining our total disagreement with any attempt to suspend parliament thus avoiding a democratic debate on our future relationship with the E.U.

The people of the U.K. over many hundreds of years have won the right for our parliamentary democracy to be a beacon to the world. 

It is completely undemocratic for any Prime Minister, let alone one who has not won a general election and does not have a mandate from the British people, to attempt to frustrate our Sovereign parliament of elected members 

No one in this country, whichever way they voted in the referendum in 2016, voted to leave the EU without a deal. 

Leaving the E.U. without a deal will cause huge disruption and damage to the economy of Swansea, Wales and the U.K. and we call upon the Prime Minister to ensure the democratically elected members of the U.K. Parliament are allowed discharge their democratic duty.’

Swansea Liberal Democrat members will join other members of the public outside Brangwyn Hall at 4:30pm on the 29th August to protest the Prime Minister's undemocratic decision to suspend Parliament ahead of the Brexit deadline.


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