Election Agent

Elections Agents are a critical role, without Agents we cannot run candidates. Given the
critical nature of this role the Party runs special training that we will arrange for you to attend.
It is an incredibly fascinating role that gives a great insight into the British political process.

  1. To act as the official Election Agent in either a local, Senedd or UK General election
  2. To be legally responsible for the campaign, ensuring full compliance with the law
  3. To manage the campaign finances during the short campaign period (i.e. 5 weeks up
    to the election), being the sole approver of all expenditure, and submitting accurate
  4. To manage all interactions with the Returning Officer and their team including
    nominations, appointments of polling and counting agents, requests for electoral rolls
  5. To attend the count and (if necessary) to raise any objections if it is not properly
    To support you in our efforts to have a winning campaign for 2021 & 2022 the Local Party

Executive and/or Campaigns Chair will

  1. Provide you with access to full training via the Liberal Democrats compliance team
  2. Provide you with locally-based induction into the role
  3. Provide you with the authority required to conduct the role, recognising that during
    the election “short campaign” period the Agent is the final authority on the conduct of
    the campaign [Note: this is not a Campaign Manager role - the Agent will provide
    oversight and authority / sign-off but the Campaign Chair will direct the day-to-day
    running of campaigns]

All our Campaign team are volunteers and we recognise that your availability will vary. The
Election Agent role loosely requires:

  1. Some training and planning activity outside of election periods
  2. Circa. 8-10 hours per week during election periods (5 weeks) and immediately
  3. Available to reach via telephone during daytime hours during election period
  4. Available on Polling Day and able to attend the Count

Apply Here

If you have any queries about the role please contact Mike O'Carroll.

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