Gower farmer funding slashed by UK Government

Agriculture funding slashed by £95million putting small farmers at risk. 

Gower Liberal Democrat Senedd candidate Mike Sheehan has criticised the UK Conservative Government for slashing Welsh agriculture funding by 28% in the November Spending Review.
In the spending review, presented by Chancellor Rishi Sunak last week, the UK Government announced funding for Welsh agriculture would be cut by £95million. Currently, £337million of funding is invested by the EU in Welsh farmers, a drop of £95million is roughly 28%.
This goes against the Conservative’s explicit manifesto pledge to protect the money currently received by farmers.
The announcement has been strongly criticised by the Farmers Union of Wales and reflects concerns from farmers across Wales that the future of their funding is at risk.
Mike Sheehan said: “Farmers across Wales, who are already struggling, will rightly feel totally let down by the announcement made in last week’s spending review. Yet again the Tories in Westminster are failing to properly support our farmers. Local farmers in Gower support a wide range of local business, at this time we need investment to help these businesses, not the cuts that the Tories are offering. 
“This Conservative Government was elected on an explicit promise to protect the future of farming funding – now we see that promise was as worthless as all their others. These brutal cuts will decimate farms, big and small, if they are not reversed. The Liberal Democrats will oppose their move and continue to fight to protect the funding our farmers rely upon. 

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