Fundraising Manager

We are seeking to build our campaign team for the 2021 Senedd and 2022 local elections. 

Fundraising Manager is a vital role, because without money we can’t campaign. The role will coordinate fundraising efforts and support the Local Party to raise funds, ensuring the fundraising remains high on the agenda. 


  1. To identify potential Large Donors and support candidates by providing briefs about donors and accompanying candidates to potential donor meetings 
  2. To promote small donor giving (especially Standing Orders) through regular asks by email and post 
  3. To monitor fundraising and donors and report back to the Campaigns Committee
  4. To assist with reporting donations to the Electoral Commission and conducting any necessary due diligence
  5. To oversee the “Thank You” process where candidates / LP Officers provide thank you calls or notes to donors 



To support you in our efforts to have a winning campaign for 2021 & 2022 the Local Party Executive and/or Campaigns Chair will 

  1. Provide you with access to training and support via the Welsh Liberal Democrats
  2. Ensure that fundraising is prioritised and that candidates fulfill their responsibilities
  3. Provide training and guidance on donation law and reporting  




All our Campaign team are volunteers and we recognise that your availability will vary. The Fundraising Manager role loosely requires:

  1. Circa. 3-4 hours per week identifying donors, crafting communications, and administering donations
  2. Able to attend at least some Campaigns Committee meetings via video - currently held every other Friday (7pm-9pm). 


Apply Here


If you have any queries about the role please contact Mike O’Carroll.

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