Sketty and Killay Lib Dems Raise Concerns Over Highway Safety

Killay and Sketty Lib Dem Councillors have expressed concern over traffic safety near Olchfa School. Recent reports highlight the confusion drivers are experiencing with the right-hand lane into Hendrefoilan Village effectively being blocked off without any warning.

The changes to the road layout are part of the wider 'Shared Use Path'scheme in the area, local Lib Dems have warned the scheme was being put through without proper consultation. If local people had more of a say, issues like this are less likely to happen. The council has again failed to get the basics right. 

‘In fact, the road markings still direct traffic, wanting to turn right, into a lane which doesn’t exist’, said Killay South Councillor Jeff Jones. ‘People are very worried that there will be a collision if the road markings aren’t altered soon.’

Cheryl Philpott, Sketty Councillor, added ‘We all welcome measures to encourage people to walk and cycle, rather than use their cars, but the safety of all road users must be a priority.’

Councillor Mary Jones (Killay North) is also Chair of Governors at Olchfa School. ‘There have been issues on this stretch of road and I am concerned that this confusion may end up with someone getting injured. As it is, the speed limit outside the Gower Road entrance to the school is still 30mph. More warnings are needed and road markings must be clear.’

Councillor Mike Day (Sketty) has been approached by worried residents about increased congestion as a result of the narrowing of the road. ‘While we are encouraging people to use cars less, we must also consider pollution issues. Reducing the road width at this point could lead to increased congestion outside the school with pupils being subject to more harmful exhaust fumes. The Council have said that they will address the issue, and we ask that it is done quickly.’

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