Lib Dems want “Immediate” start on Tidal Lagoon

In Wales today with Swansea West candidate Michael O’Carroll, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron announced that the Lib Dems would give the immediate go-ahead to the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon project and start plans for a programme of tidal lagoons, including at Cardiff, Colwyn Bay, and Newport, creating over 34,000 jobs in Wales alone and opportunities for hundreds of businesses in the supply chain.


Tidal lagoons alone could provide up to 10% of our future electricity needs, as well as further benefits of flood protection and regeneration of coastal areas. The benefit of tidal lagoons is that the tides never stop – it is a reliable source of energy that lasts for 120 years.

Speaking in Cardiff Bay at the Welsh Liberal Democrats campaign launch, Mr Farron confirmed that “we will give the immediate go ahead to the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon and launch an ambitious programme of tidal energy”. He added that Wales would be “taken for granted” by a Conservative government with a landslide majority, and that “only the Liberal Democrats can provide the strong opposition needed to hold a Conservative government to account”.

Mr O’Carroll commented that:

“We need the go-ahead for the Swansea Bay tidal lagoon right now. The Conservative government have delayed and prevaricated and we are at the point where if the tidal lagoon doesn’t get the go-ahead soon, we will lose all of the advantage that Swansea has built up in developing this technology, and miss out on a chance to be genuinely world-leading. It would be a disaster for Swansea to miss out on this economic opportunity because Theresa May won’t make a decision and Jeremy Corbyn can’t hold her to account. A vote for the Welsh Liberal Democrats in Swansea West on June 8th will be a clear vote for economic progress for the region.”

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