Local Government Bill - Welsh Lib Dems to make positive case for electoral reform

Welsh Government proposals to reform the electoral arrangements for local government are a necessary step forward in ensuring accountable and representative local government.


The Welsh Liberal Democrats have welcomed the proposals set out in the government consultation, but have criticised the decision to allow local government to maintain the broken First Past the Post electoral system.

Commenting, Welsh Lib Dem Local Government Spokesperson Cllr Peter Black said; 

“These proposals are a welcome step forward in revitalising local democracy and ensuring that we have engaged citizens and accountable local government.

“I welcome the proposals to introduce votes at 16 and making it easier for people to register to vote and cast their ballot. These reforms are long overdue and are an essential step forward in ensuring accountable and representative local government. 

“Whilst maintaining local and accessible local government is a welcome proposal, it is essential that regional working does not result in decisions being made behind closed doors. It should be transparent and accountable to the people of Wales. 

“Every Welsh Liberal Democrat councillor in Wales will make the positive case for electoral reform, and I call on all other parties in Wales to do the same.”

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