Our Plan For A Cleaner, Greener and Safer Future

Swansea Liberal Democrats have launched their plan for a cleaner, greener, safer future for Swansea. 

Swansea deserves a council that will focus on getting the basics right for every community. Swansea Liberal Democrats commit that a Lib Dem council will focus on the issues affecting our community, the state of our roads, our environment, our safety. 

Under Labour, Swansea residents have seen our council tax increase year on year, but the investment in our local communities has not been enough. At the same time, residents across the city have seen the council fail to get the basics right. Liberal Democrats councillors have a track record of standing up and listening to local residents on the issues that matter. With a bigger group, or in control, we can do much more.

We will focus on creating cleaner, greener and safer communities in every part of Swansea, making sure we get the basics right. 


Our plan for a cleaner Swansea is a plan of support across the city, this includes: 

  • Set up area cleaning teams with community wardens covering all wards.
  • Create more blue flag beaches and improve facilities on them.
  • Extend the range of city centre rangers to include our parks and beaches and employ more of them


Our plan for a greener Swansea is a plan that creates a sustainable future for the public transport we use and the houses we call home.

  • Allow free use of council playing fields by community teams and install them as fields in trust to protect them from development.
  • Work with local bus companies to provide a minibus for use in the Gower area, keeping cars off the narrow roads and cutting pollution while helping with parking issues around our beaches.
  • Create an investment programme to improve the insulation of council housing to reduce their carbon footprint and help tenants cut their energy bills.


Our plan for a safer Swansea includes: 

  • Increase investment in our crumbling road and pavement infrastructure, making them safer for those who use them, particularly for those who find it hard to get around their community.
  • Set up a hub to provide information and support for homeowners affected by unsafe cladding.
  • Remove any plan cuts to school crossing patrols.


You can back our plan for the future of Swansea today by helping us elect as many Lib Dem councillors as possible. 









Donate today and help us get a great result, become a party member and join us, or volunteer a bit of your time to support our campaign. 

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