Brexit – 1 Year To Go: Why I’m Supporting the Liberal Democrat “Exit From Brexit” Campaign

By James McGettrick

Brexit looms large over everything currently. From Welsh ports to the Irish border, from fishing to farming, from medicines to the nuclear power, it’s unclear exactly how Brexit will pan out in the end.

I have personally viewed with dismay the antics of our political elite in the Westminster bubble. At a time when strong and stable leadership is exactly what’s needed, it’s hard to tell if Theresa May believes in anything, not least if she actually embraces the Brexit of Farage, Boris & co. Jeremy Corbyn seems more intent on internal political squabbles than on meaningful opposition to the government – particularly on Brexit. “Remainiacs” and “Brexiteers” spitting out overblown statistics or predicting plagues of horror isn’t particularly pretty and doesn’t help.

At the end of the day there are only 2 questions that really matter to me: 1) Is Brexit going to make a liberal - a fair, free and open - society more likely or less likely? and 2) Is Brexit good for Swansea, my home?

Nothing that I have seen has changed how I feel about the EU. I voted Remain because I believe that the EU, for all of its flaws, is still a democratic organisation that promotes unity and co-operation across borders. And I simply do not believe that Brexit will be good for Swansea and Gower in the long term. So, I support a vote on the final terms of our Brexit, to keep the final decision back in the hands of voters, and will continue to support the Liberal Democrat Plan for Europe:

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