Swansea Council's secret plan to boost its income by penalising motorists

The Leader of the Opposition on Swansea Council, Liberal Democrats Councillor Chris Holley, has accused the council of seeking to boost its income by stepping up the war against motorists with the objective of maximising penalty charge income for parking offences.


In the council's agenda for its meeting on Thursday 22 March, the Cabinet Member for Environment Services denies that there are any incentives for Civil Enforcement Officers to achieve income targets.  However, he acknowledges that the service has been allocated 'increased income targets' and that additional efforts will be made to ensure on-street traffic regulation orders are enforceable.
Commenting on the conflicting statements by the cabinet member, Councillor Holley said: "Like many residents, I want to see traffic orders properly enforced, especially around schools, however, civil enforcement should be about keeping the roads safe for motorists and pedestrians alike, not raising cash for the council's coffers.
"I accept that we are in difficult times, but that does not justify this secret plan to penalise motorists so as to across the city."


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