A green plan must involved protecting green spaces

Green bus shelters will not compensate for loss of valuable parkland

The Sketty Liberal Democrat team has called Labour claims that 'green’ bus shelters will improve air quality and protect the environment as a poor compensation for the potential loss of valuable parkland to development.

They are particularly concerned at the failure to rule out building houses on Home Farm in Singleton Park. Sketty Liberal Democrat Councillors Mike Day and Cheryl Philpott uncovered the proposal from a public website and shared the news publicly 3 years ago, as the Labour Cabinet had not informed local residents, or even local Councillors, of their plans. Mike and Cheryl responded to local resident concerns over selling off part of Singleton Park, known as Home Farm, by organising a public meeting in the spring of 2019. The overwhelming feeling of the meeting was to oppose the incursion into what is known as the jewel in the crown of Swansea Parks.

Lib Dem team member, Dr James McGettrick said ‘While we welcome any initiative to improve air quality, we really question Labour’s reliance on a headline-grabbing gimmick when there are many better ways of helping the environment. For example, in answer to my question at November’s Council meeting, the Cabinet Member refused to rule out selling off part of Singleton Park, which will result in irreversible damage to the environment.

‘Allowing the building of 42 homes in Singleton Park is going to permanently destroy some of our best-loved and precious green spaces’, added fellow team member, Nicola Furlong. ‘And selling off the land for housing will lead to poorer air quality, increased pollution and damage to the environment.’

Michael Locke also queried the way that public resources are being used. ‘How can it be credible to put public money into these bus shelters,’ he said, ‘but at the same time, propose to sell off public land and put money into the pockets of private developers? It just doesn’t seem to make sense’

'Singleton Park has been in public ownership for over a century,’ said Councillor Cheryl Philpott, ‘and we want to protect it for future generations. Once the area is built on, it will leave an indelible scar on our treasured environment. Unlike Labour, we have been listening to residents' concerns and are challenging the sell-off.’

Councillor Mike Day added that the rationale for the sale, which the Labour cabinet said was to raise money for much-needed investment, was faulty: ‘Recent news stories from the Labour-led council have led us to believe that there is plenty of money to invest in services (‘Council services set for ‘record investment’’ South Wales Evening Post Monday 17 January 2022). So why do they need to sell off precious land in Singleton Park? And if they have money to spend on gimmicky bus shelters, why engage in environmental vandalism by selling off public parkland?’   

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Swansea Labour Council plan to build 42 houses on Home Farm, ruining Singleton Park. Residents across the city are outraged at Labour's plans. This 'Green Jewel' at the heart of our City, is now under threat with overdevelopment and traffic, spoiling this precious people's asset.
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