Chloe Hutchinson



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Putting Recovery First, to build a greener, safer, and more caring future for Swansea

Chloe is committed to getting Wales back on its feet, supporting our health service, building our economy, and protecting our environment.

Chloe will work and fight for a better future for our communities. She will campaign to tackle the climate crisis, improving air quality, public transport, and access to green spaces, campaign for better youth services, and work to make sure that our schools, colleges, universities, and lifelong learning opportunities are supported, allowing everyone to get on in life.

“This election comes at a pivotal time for Wales. The outcome will decide how we reshape our society and what direction we take our country as we enter this brave new post-Covid world.

“We are committed to fighting for a fairer and more just Wales, one where everyone has both the opportunity and support that they need to succeed. If that is what you want too, then join the Welsh Liberal Democrats and help us turn that vision into reality.”


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