Swansea's shocking unemployment rate

Welsh Liberal Democrats say figures showing that Swansea West has the highest unemployment rate in Wales, over double the national average, demonstrate the failure of Labour to get the basics right and create long-term careers across the city. 

The Liberal Democrats in Swansea have a vision for the future which is to bring the sustainable investment that creates well-paying careers for people right across Swansea.  

Figures from the Welsh Senedd shows that Swansea West has an unemployment rate of 8.3% compared to the Welsh national average of 3.8% and the UK average of 4.5%. The same parts of Swansea already have a child poverty rate of 32 per cent, the best way to reduce this poverty remains to provide good quality employment opportunities to people living in the area.

Michael O’Carroll, the spokesperson for Swansea West Liberal Democrats added: “These figures are extremely disappointing to see and the people of Swansea West deserve better. Under a Welsh Labour government in Cardiff Bay and a Welsh Labour Council administration in Swansea Guildhall, there has been insufficient focus on creating good quality jobs, especially for young people and graduates. 

“We have many excellent, home-grown businesses in the area but do not do enough to attract inward investment.  I am glad that the Welsh Liberal Democrats will continue to press both the Welsh Government and UK Government to promote investment in the whole of Wales, not just in Cardiff.”

The Labour-run council has increased council tax on the residents of Swansea to pay for projects that have not provided anywhere near the number of good quilty that Swansea needs. At the same time, because the council have spent this money, it means communities across Swansea are not getting the quality of services that they deserved.  


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