Liberal Democrats lead calls against voter ID in Swansea

Liberal Democrats in Swansea stand against voter ID plans, as a notice of motion is put forward to Swansea council that shows the level of support against the UK government plans to make people show a form ID to vote in General Elections. 

The UK Government insistence on ID cards is illiberal, unnecessary, unjust. This is why the Lib Dem in Swansea put forward a motion to the council at the meeting of the council on the 1st of July. The motion was supported cross-party by councillors from the Independent and other parties. 

The motion was brought to the council in response to the proposals in the Queen's speech to crack down on people's ability to protest, to restrict judicial review and to insist on the production of ID cards to vote in General Elections. 

Commenting on the motion, Leader of the opposition group on Swansea Council Cllr Chris Holley said: "This motion is important for our democracy the right to vote is fundamental to our way of life which has been for fought." 

Insistence from the Conservative UK Government on ID for voting will add to the cost of running elections, increase bureaucracy and place those who give their time to help run elections into potentially difficult positions.

Cllr Peter Black added: "There no clear evidence that this would have any effect on fraud which the Tories claim exists.” 

There is little or no evidence of electoral fraud to justify introducing voter ID. The introduction of voter ID measures will disproportionately impact ethnic minorities, older people and those on lower incomes, and will lead to lower turnouts at elections.

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